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From our beginnings as a small club-based junior program, we have grown to offer a range of programs for youth and adults.

Want to learn how to harness nature's power, to master the ropes, to become one with the boat and intuitively read her as she slices through the waves? You've come to the right place. Whether you are looking for sailing lessons for yourself or a sailing-oriented program for kids, you've come to the right place.

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Youth Sailing

Check out our summer week long youth camps where participants can develop lifelong skills.

They cater to all experience levels from introductory courses to race coaching.

Adult Sailing

We offer group and private adult sailing lessons and sponsor numerous group sailing events. If you are looking to get into the sport, to learn a different boat or want to perfect your skills, contact us so we can tailor a sailing experience for you.

Meet Our Director Of Sailing


My name is Lynn Pinegar.  The first time I sailed, I was in high school and went sailing with my friend on his Sunfish. I had a great time even though I had no idea what I was doing and immediately capsized the boat when my friend let me drive.   A few years later I decided I wanted to learn to sail, but at that time there was no one in OKC that was certified to teach sailing, so I had to teach myself.

After many frustrating months, I finally learned to sail and began to race.  My husband and I joined the Oklahoma City Boat Club where I was exposed to many types of boats.  Over the past 30 years, I have represented OCBC in several local, regional, national and even world events.  During that time, I became a certified sailing instructor and coach.  I then became an Instructor Trainer and Coach Trainer for US Sailing.

Twenty-five years later,I am still teaching and coaching sailing.  Along my journey I have worked with a wide range of kids teaching all ages from preschool to high school, where I taught chemistry and physics. 

I have already taught a generation of Oklahoma sailors and am excited to be working for OCBC teaching and coaching the next generation of sailors.



We have a ladies sailing group that meets to sail keelboats on Friday evenings and dinghies on Saturday mornings throughout the summer season. We also host the UCO  College Sailing Team.


Additionally, adults can earn access to use the Lighthouse boats during sponsored  events such as the evening race series after passing our checkout process.


about adult programs and activities as we work to add keel boats to the lighthouse fleet. 

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Why Should You Get Into Sailing?

Sailing — A Green Sport

Sailors tend to be in tune with the environment — the effects of climate change, pollution, etc. are more noticeable on the ocean than on the sports field. There is no greater thrill than being powered by nature's elements. 

Sailing's Life Lessons

Decision Making. Good sailors understand that the faster you make a decision, the sooner you can correct it if it's proven wrong to be wrong. A decision could mean opting for a particular side of the race course, choosing to set a different sail or perhaps experimenting with different roles on the boat. 

Resilience. Sailing is a sport of eliminating mistakes rather than of brilliance. You have to manage your equipment and team, make the best use of the weather and wind shifts and use the waves and currents to you advantage. It's tremendously complex and fulfilling as a result. Having the strength of mind to acknowledge when you've made a mistake and to bounce back from it, without going into a panic and changing all the things that brought you success in the past, all of this will position you in well in life, despite life's confusing and tough nature.


Another important aspect of sailing is that you can't just stop when you're tired or conditions are unfavorable or rough. Children as young as 10 get caught in gates and they are forced to decide to deal with it or have a thoroughly unpleasant time. Most choose to make the best of the situation and actually to relish pushing their limits of endurance and achievement.


Leadership, teamwork and communication. Successful sailing crews have well-defined roles and clear communication about what is going to happen next. Not everyone takes a leadership role and not everyone contributes to every decision. Part of the team is responsible for making the the yacht heads in the chosen direction wile the other roles ensure that each maneuver is performed correctly. The key things are that people are empowered to do their jobs, they understand how they contribute to the overall goal and they are able to provide feedback from the whole team can learn and improve. 

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